USD318309-Toy Water w/Tank

USD354454-Display Holder for Cards

USD357609-Spectator's Seat Pad

USD369671-Closure for Auto Seatbelt

USD395083-Mouth Piece

USD404642-Container for Impression Material

USD413206-Device for Holding Ties

USD419414-Cement Mixing Device for Drill

USD475429-Iluminated Mouth Piece

USD487487-Double-Faced Doll

USD508316-Mobile Telephone Case

USD517278-Novelty Spiked Glove

USD520087-Gold Putter Head

USD526847-Beverage Cup w/ Side Image Holder

USD527583-Cup w/ Side Image Panels

USD535341-Elastomeric Tentacle Ball

USD536047-Tentacle Tethered w/Central Hoop

USD536754-Elastomeric Tentacle Ball w/Pull Tab

USD536755-Tentacle Ball w/Tail Strands

USD537131-Ball w/Loop and Short Tentacles

USD540896-Ball w/Loop and Tentacles

USD547813-Elastomeric Flying Disc

USD547981-Armrest for Folding Chair

USD548489-Oval Shaped Cooler

USD548491-Cooler w/Sloped Face

USD551307-Elastomeric Novelty Ball

USD552386-Folding Chair Adjustment Rack

USD553047-Corsage Pin

USD553293-Cup Ring Cigarette Holder

USD559039-Beverage Cup

USD559040-Beverage Cup

USD560790-Hand-Held Electric Fan

USD561277-Tentacle Ball

USD563493-Elastomeric Ball

USD563494-Elastomeric Ball

USD564043-Elastomeric Yo-Yo

USD568066-Cooler Stand

USD568067-Rounded Cooler Stand

USD568424-Elastomeric Ball w/Tentacles

USD568636-Cooler Stand

USD569131-Cooler Stand

USD571113-Wheeled Folding Chair

USD571115-Folding Backpack Chair

USD573683-Elastomeric Fish Net Tube

USD575427-3 Ball Illuminated wand tip

USD575428-Illuminated Ball Wand Tip

USD578829-6 Sided Popcorn Container

USD582998-Elastomeric Ball w/Protrusions

USD593237-Illuminated Spinning Globe

USD596681-Elastomeric Ball w/Protrusions

USD601009-Cosmetic Packaging

USD601617-Hand Drum


USD622325-Suction Cup Dart

USD626610-Toy Ball w/Protruding Lobes

USD628120-Ball w/Elastomeric Arms

USD629056-Toy Ball w/Lobes

USD630834-Achor Auger for Beach Umbrella

USD631927-Surfboard Fin

USD637239-Spring Pop Up Toy w/Football

USD641433-Spring Pop Up Toy w/ Round Head

USD641549-Bag for Holding Reusable Bags

USD642226-Flying Disc Launching Toy


USD642633-Flying Disc

USD648530-E-Reader Stand and Tote

USD651010-Folding Chair w/Quilted Fabric

USD653534-Packaging w/View Window


USD664472-Novelty Ball w/Braided Protrusions

USD668307-Translucent Toy Bat

USD669677-Umbrella w/Squared Canopy

USD669723-Pillowcase w/Hood Head Cover

USD678695-Card and Charm Holder

USD681998-Seating Cushion

USD684636-Alien Themed Ring Toss Target

USD684640-Alien Themed Toy Bowling Pin

USD690775-Plastic Suction Cup Dart

USD690783-Jump Rope Handle

USD691669-Stackable Toy Bowling Pin

USD692071-Elastomeric Toy w/Protrusions

USD695286-Computing Device w/Multi-Screen

USD696657-Mobile Phone Holder for Folding Chair

USD698871-Toy Launch Gun

USD698872-Toy Projectile

USD703619-Temporary Cover for Junction Box

USD705365-Skip Ball w/Ankle Ring

USD706641-Disposable Bag for Paint Roller

USD709136-Jumping Toy with Ball and Board

USD709137-Jump Toy w/ Tethered Handle

USD712240-Pin Anchor for Concrete Structures

USD712469-Sensory Device

USD712470-Square Shaped Sensory Device

USD712471-Rectangle Shaped Sensory Device

USD0713873-Conical Shaped Sensory Device

USD0713874-Pyramid Shaped Sensory Device

USD0714399-Lightning Themed Flying Disc

USD0715805-Plush Animal for Electronic Device

USD0717893-Frog Shaped Catching Pad

USD0720020-Toy Pull Handle Claw

USD724680-Toy Ball w/Polygonal Panels

USD724681-Toy Ball w/Indented Panels

USD725204-Toy Ball w/Indented Panels

USD725205-Toy Ball w/Polygonal Panels

USD725424-Canopy for Folding Chair

USD730423-Cubic Action Camera

USD0738071-Novelty Light Bulb Hat

USD738438-Swept Wing Airplane Projectile

USD738440-Rubber Band Launcher

USD738441-Toy Launcher w/Bow Configuration

USD738442-Cross Bow Launcher

USD0743025-Safty Syringe

USD0746383-Toy Cross Bow


Utility Patents

US5193741-Diplay Container and Coin Box

US5259371-Endotracheal Tube

US5294194-Catch Container

US5361611-Locking Device Rod/Reel

US5367724-Bathing Platform for Disabled

US5368262-Adjustable Mounting Box Fan

US5372564-Excercise Device

US5383441-Adjustable Arrow Rest

US5459885-Dual Flush Mechanism for Toilet

US5460381-Pirate Game

US5471012-Electrical Wire Box

US5494279-Golf Ball Tee Setter

US5501144-Food Can Compressor

US5514056-Excercise Weight Apparatus

US5531347-Pastry Cup Cover

US5531646-Billiard Ball Racker

US5553853-DNA Game Apparatus

US5555502-Display for Auto Electrical Systems

US5556282-Geographical Display

US5564816-Illuminated Memorial Assembly

US5570702-Propheylactic Device for Mouthpiece

US5619370-Optical Remote Viewer

US5620396-Toy Tunnel Structure

US5620499-Chemical Dispensing Device

US5623924-Endotracheal Tube Retainer

US5639969-Ball Testing Apparatus

US5645235Truck w/Comminuting Device

US5649791-Broken Bolt Hole Bore

US5713740-Method to Help Learning Disabled

US5716208-Orthodontic Bracket

US5729857-Snow/Ice Scraper for Automobile

US5730773-Chemical Dispensing Device

US5752795-Nut/Bolt Protector

US5755477-Tote Device

US5765300-Shoe Activated Device

US5775175-Crank Winding Device

US5776038-Excercise Apparatus

US5785565-Illuminated Swimming Flipper

US5792014-Valley Ball Training Apparatus

US5799328-Brain Damage Garment

US5807157-Mylar Balloon Illuminator

US5813671-Game Apparatus

US5846617-Vanity Shift

US5849198-Storm Drain Filter

US5863267-Racket String Device

US5865803-Syringe Device

US5879219-Ballon Inflation Device

US5881905-Cooking Vessel Lid

US5894020-Soap Composition

US5908613-Periodontal Disease Prevention

US5915393-Hair Hightlighting Procedure

US5918317-Protection Garment

US5921780-Racecar Simulator

US5927664-Window Cleaning Apparatus

US5928053-Water Propeller

US5930809-Method for Processing Text

US5937556-Method for Firing Caps

US5937608-Joist Bridging

US5944693-Syringe Biasing Device

US5954366-Attachment for an In-Line Skate

US5956117-Eye Glasses w/Head Brace

US5956797-Toothbrush Device

US5960575-Trigger Lock for Firearm

US5970620-Fisherman Measuring Device

US5971409-Golf Carrying Case

US5979992-Hub/Wheel Assembly In-Line Skate

US5984393-Shovel w/Pivoting Head

US5996511-Umbrella Table Attachment

US6014885-Dent Removal Apparatus

US6019610-Elastomeric Connector

US6027433-Excercise Apparatus

US6030006-Spring Based Clamp


US6047843-Compartmented Recyling

US6048203-Non-Metal Prosthesis

US6056347-Protective Car Cover

US6059136-End Cap for Flanged Opening

US6074207-Orthdontic Device

US6082034-Arm Extension Support

US6086587-Multi-head Suction Assembly

US6098492-Wheeled Cart Extender

US6102397-Computer Interface for Gaming

US6106136-Illumination Device for Piped Flange

US6108820-Double-Layered Sock

US6113071-Gas Flow Rate Restrictor

US6116846-Front End Loader Assembly

US6118330-Looped Circuit

US6126215-Animal Refuse Bag

US6139452-Projectile for Tossing Game

US6149152-Soccer Practice Apparatus

US6149426-Dental Impression Apparatus

US6155422-Paperboard Box Synthesizer

US6161703-Hat Display Apparatus

US6173503-Railing Spindle Installer

US6183542-Hydrogen Purifier

US6196707-Pressure Activated Bike Pedal

US6205679-Joint Compound Drying Apparatus

US6210200-Modular Connector

US6213920-Exercise Apparatus

US6220917-Body Suspended Amusement System

US6223353-Non-dominent Hand Tool

US6227929-Whirling Amusement Device

US6237618-Water Flow Control Method

US6240839-Device for Proofing Dough

US6241571-Bubble Blowing Device

US6244582-Altering Carpenter's Clamp

US6257441-Child Safe Bucket

US6257988-Bowling Ball Finger Fitter

US6290369-Illumination Device for Pipe Flange

US6302219-Powered Edging Blade

US6303009-Hydrogen Generator

US6308884-Mailbox Flag Holder

US6312183-Folding Card Display

US6317026-Part Identification Method

US6325690-Toy Top w/Message Display

US6341658-Modular Vehicle System

US6349414-Powdered Wrist Band

US6349984-Illuminated Trunk Release

US6350132-Elastomeric Connector

US6354114-Protective Socks

US6357696-Illumination of Air Balloon

US6364734-Toy Top Structure

US6367974-Thermocouple Apparatus

US6368499-Storm Drain w/Filter

US6378352-Method for Winding Tubes

US6389763-Method for Window/Door Trimming

US6390451-Vehicle Lifting Device

US6398617-Toy Figure

US6406302-Collecting Survey Data

US6407699-High Dynamic Spread Spectrum

US6425180-Electrical Connector

US6427588-Silk Screen Device

US6433596-Lock Loop Circuits

US6440145-Broad Base Medical Instrument

US6442449-Directions Device

US6452487-Tip Over Tractor Trailer Device

US6453485-Bathtub Protective Device

US6453564-Multi-Function Rescue Tool

US6457208-Attachment Device for Rounded Knob

US6460851-Game Linking Computer Apparatus

US6464726-Breast Implant System

US6464759-Hydrogen Cell Assembly

US9108086-Excercise System

US9108763-Aroma Product Packaging

US9109687-Differential System

US9111516-Portable Floor Piano

US9128303-Contact Pad Arrangement

US9132340-Toy Figure Board Game

US9133985-Storage Container

US9151566-Toy Bow & Arrow System

US9156485-Leverage Cart Assembly

Us9173448-Wrestling Shoe Assembly

US9180353-Compact Folding Sports Goal

US9185983-Folding Lounge Chair

US9192782-Skin Radiation Meter

US9208706-Modular Lawn Sign

US9212863-Toy Projectile System

US9216360-Stuffed Animal Tablet Holder





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